Drop Ship / Dropshipping Program

Due to popular demand, we are offering drop ship service for individual whom would like to start your own online shop or start selling on your facebook.


Honey&Dear Lingerie Store is a high traffic online shopping mall specializes in Sexy lingerie, BabydollBra setSleep Wear in Malaysia since 2010. We source from worldwide in order to provide a wide range of products for our customers. Due to popular demand, we are now offering drop ship service for individual whom would like to start an online shop or start selling on their facebook.



Reseller Discount


 Member Type


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Joining Credits 

Reseller Bronze



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Reseller Gold



Reseller Beginner




Terms and Conditions


1. You must proof to us that you are selling the items on a website or facebook, email us your website or facebook url / link (Not your personal Facebook page).

2. If we find that you are buying for your own instead genuinely selling the items, we will not ship your order.

3. All orders made must be paid within 3 days, if customer canceled their order, you must inform us to cancel them.

4. You must adhere to our return and exchange policy

5. You must adhere to our shipping policy

6. We reserve the rights to give how much discount percentage to our reseller. 

7. Items with special price are promotional items, no further discount is given. Example Sexy Lingerie Free Size Babydoll YW620 Is price at RM39 normal price and currently having discount promotion at RM20. RM20 will be your final price, no percentage discount will be given. 



How to sign up as a drop ship AGENT / RESELLER

1. Sign up as a member of HoneyDear, then fill in the Reseller Registration Form at the bottom of the page. If you fill in the form without signing up, we will not be able to process it.

2. We will upgrade your account type to Reseller Beginner once verified, within 3 working days.

3. Please go through the FAQ section below thoroughly, your questions / concerns are answered in that section below.



How to order from us

1. Login to our website and you shall see reseller bronze pricing for all products

a. Copy the photos of the products and post it on your website / facebook for promotion

b. You can sell at any price you want, same or higher, not lower. 

c. Take order and payment from customer.



2. Order from us

a. Place your customer order on our website

b. Key in your address in the billing information (Your name and address in the billing information will be printed on the consignment note (shipping label) as sender

c. Key in your customer address as the shipping address



3. Make Payment

a. Pay the amount due in the invoice (exact amount) to our bank accounts within 3 days. Do not pay more and ask us to refund to your customer, we do not practice that.

b. Fill in the payment notification form after payment, do not email us with payment information.

* If we find that you pay less than the amount due in the invoice, without our knowledge, we will terminate your account immediately

* Some agents pay 10% less from the invoice total, thinking that they are getting extra 10%, which is incorrect, as agent is shown with reseller pricing, what you see is what you pay. If we find such case, we will terminate your account immediately



4. Shipment

a. We will ship your customer order on the next business day to your customer on your behalf

b. Our company name will not appear in the shipment, we will print you name and address in the shipment note if you key in your name and address in the billing information, as though you were the one shipping out the products

b. We will email the tracking number to you by 3PM on the day we post you customer's order. Please do not rush us for tracking number.




1. Is there any minimum purchase?



2. Are the stocks preorder?

No, all the products on our website are ready stock, we DO NOT do preorder.


3. Can i mark up the selling price?

Go ahead by all means.


4. How do i know if the products are in stock?

All productst on our website are in stock, the products will not appear when it is out of stock. Even if it does appear, you will not be able to add to cart.


5. How much is the postage?

We charge a flat rate (same price for any number of items) for shipping to Malaysia and Singapore, check out our flat rate shipping page.

RM7 for shipment to West Malaysia (Semenanjung Malaysia)

RM12 for shipment to East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan)

RM20 to Singapore


6. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, minimum order applies,

Shipping to West Malaysia (Semenanjung Malaysia) is free if your customer orders RM100 or more

Shipping to East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan) is free if your customer orders RM200 or more]

Shipping to Singapore is free if your customer orders RM400 or more

For more information, check out our free shipping page.


7. Which courier do you use for shipment?

For shipment to Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan, we only use Poslaju.

For shipment to West Malaysia (Semenanjung), we will ship via Poslaju or City-link (We may use City-link if you parcel weighs 2KG or more)

For shipment to Singapore, and other countries, we using Singapore Post


8. Do you ship to other countries?

We ship worldwide, our international shipping partners are DHL, UPS, Singapore Post, Pos Malaysia.


9. Do you provide tracking number?

Yes, all shipment comes with tracking number, we will email the tracking number to you by 3PM on the day we ship your customer's order. Please do not rush us for tracking number.


10. Is there any registration fee?

No, it is completely free. Subject to approval, we will review your Facebook page or Website to ensure that you are serious in selling.


11. When can i start selling?

Sign up as a member using your email address on our website, fill in the reseller registration form below, we will reply to you within 3 working days, and by then you should be able to start selling.


12. Can i use your product photos for selling?

Please do that, the more photos you post, the better your chances are.


13. How much discount do i get?

All new agents starts with Reseller Beginner pricing, which is 0% discount from our retail price. After we have upgraded your account  to reseller bronze, you shall see the special price which is 10% less our retail price


14. Can i buy your products for my own use?

Strictly NO, we are offerring the discount for business purpose ONLY. 


15. Can you post your product in my Facebook before i join the program?

Yes, by all means go ahead!


16. How do I make payment?

Check out our payment page